初めまして! オフブロードウェイのルイスとトモコです。

1993年、オフブロードウェイ・開店当初は、バブルの絶頂期!親不孝通りには、九州最大のディスコホールがあり、活気に満ちた夜の街の中心でした。その頃、福岡市・親不孝通りでOFF BROADWAY というバーを始め、27年が経ちました。ブロードウェイでは大勢の福岡の若者と外国人が、DJライブと立ち飲みビールを楽しみ、大きなハンバーガー、陽気で楽しいダンスミュージックと笑い声の響き渡るお店として長く愛されてきました。しかし時代と共に福岡の中心地は変化し、かつての賑わいは薄れています。


In the early 90’s Fukuoka City was still enjoying the final gyrations of the virtuous cycle of the economic bubble. Oyafuko street was at the heart of a throbbing nightlife swirling around the towering beat of Maria club, Japan’s largest dance hall at the time! In 1993, new comer OFF BROADWAY opened its doors offering standing room only, drinking beer out of a bottle and live DJ music orchestrated by a fun loving troop of expat New Yorkers and their merry fans!






Off Broadway is the first foreign style bar of its kind in Fukuoka. Likened to a New York theater district dining bar, it has been serving Fukuoka’s international community since 1993! Born to have fun, Off Broadway and its staff have hosted weddings, engagements birthdays and countless “Kampai” moments. Our private parties and events are legendary; bringing generations of staff, customers, friends and their children together to keep the party, passion and love going through the ages.

Ever evolving, Off Broadway has changed with the times. First opened as a back street bar in the Suzaki park area and then as a rocking dance club at the top of the Fukuoka night scene!




Since 2003 we are better known as a dining / DJ bar. As Fukuoka’s home-town bar it has remained in the ‘Spotlight’ of the City’s international nightlife scene for three decades! For drinking, dining and relaxing off Broadway has served its public well, offering its extensive comfort food menu, headlined by the instantly famous Broadway Burger (BB93) and New York style pizza. The venue remains easy to walk into with the owners and their friendly staff genuinely happy to see you and welcome you in.



Groomed trees, paved roads and neat sidewalk visibly illustrates differences between past, present and future. Kyushu’s most international street is experiencing a renaissance, for its current resident hipsters and future “Nightwalkers”. Off Broadway is happy to keep a foothold in our old neighborhood and contribute to the growth and internationalization of the Oyafuko area we look forward to adding color, rhythm and flavor from our new venue.

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